Bluetooth Music Controller - Twisted Silver/Silver Xtreme

  • Brand: Gorilla Whips
  • Product Code: LED-BLU-MSC-ST-1002
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Gorilla Whips New Bluetooth Music Controller for Twisted Silver and Silver Xtreme LED Whips.  This Bluetooth Music Controller features hundreds of pre-programmed modes, including music chasing equalizer modes, custom user modes, and unlimited color options. It also features two connector wires which will ensure both LED whips are in-sync, without having to take any additional steps to sync them.  

Note: This product uses sound for controlling the LED lights. Though the controller features a sensitivity controls, you may need to make adjustments to your current wiring setup to ensure the Bluetooth Music Controller is situated away from the motor, and in an optimal place for picking up music. This may require additional extension cables, depending on your current setup. 

This product is not waterproof, so please take the necessary steps to protect it from the elements. 

Bluetooth controller uses app LED Chord on iphone or android and does not come with separate remote.


Sean Younk 08/11/2020

Love this. I mounted it on my Recumbent Trike with a 4' whip. It is totally rad. I wish the color slide on the app was a little more finite for selecting the Amber color only when I am on roads and need it Amber to be legal. I did observe my lights to be slightly lagging with the beat at times, but there is so much going on with all of the LEDs its hard to notice, or even car for that matter. I may get a second whip now since this has two outlet plugs, it just seems a shame not to add a second whip.

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