Flag Care & Expectations

The lifespan of a flag depends on how it is made, where/how it is flown, how it is cared for, and in what weather conditions in flown in. By their very nature flags are perishable items. Colorfast flags WILL eventually fade. Durable outdoor flags WILL eventually be ripped to shreds. Even the strongest flag cannot survive long being flown during high winds or at high speeds. All flags, even when properly used, will end up tattered and unusable. 


  • To get the most use out of your off road flag it needs to be rolled or folded up and stored in a dry dark place when not in use.
  • Allow your flag to dry after flying in the rain
  • Don't leave flags on your off road vehicle when transported in an open trailer.
  • Don't fly your flags at highway speeds 40+ mph.
  • Watch the corners on the 'fly' end of your flag. This is normally the first area to show signs of wear and tear. Trim off the worn hem and re-hem the end. T
  • Even though some of the flag fabrics are UV stable it is suggested that they are sprayed often with a UV protectant, especially the Hi-Visiblilty colors as they tend to fade the quickest.

Flags are perishable items and therefore not covered under warranty. Taken care of according to these instructions, even the light polyester flag can last for multiple seasons.  


  • Choosing the right off road flag for the use it will receive is important too. The lightweight economy flags are made out of 100D Polyester and are single sided with double stitching.  They are good for light riding or occasional "weekenders" where the flag is not exposed to the harsh elements or to high speed wind whip.

  • We have designed a new line of heavy duty flags more suitable for offroad use. These flags are made out of 300D Oxford Fabric and are quad stitched with reinforced corners. Our quality is in the details. These flags are designed for moderate riding and are available in 12in X 18in,  2ft X 3ft and 3ft X 5ft sizes.

  • Larger flags, 2ft X 3ft and 3ft X 5ft flags are often flown on larger vehicles, these flags make a big statement and are very visible but most are not originally intended for vehicle use and will not last very long under these extreme conditions. The extreme wind whip created by the larger, heavier flag and larger, faster vehicle will fray the edges of your flag faster, grommets can pull out and whips do occasionally break. Please remove flags when on highway or higher offroading speeds 40+ mph.

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