LED Xtreme Glow Kit (SMALL)

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The LED Xtreme Glow Kit (Small) is the perfect LED solution for SXS vehicles. It showcases the brightest, surface-mounted RGB LED technology that is guaranteed to light up the night sky on your next ride. Each flex strip is easily attached any place on your ATV, UTV, RZR, motorcycle, etc, and will ensure that you stand out in the crowd. Similar to the other LED Xtreme products from Gorilla Whips, the LED Xtreme Glow Kit is unlike any other LED product on the market.

The LED Xtreme Glow Kit allows you to customize the color and display settings with the simple push of a button. Choose from 20 different built-in color options, and 19 mode settings. Each LED Xtreme Glow Kit all the necessary installation and mounting hardware. On top of that, the LED Xtreme Glow Kit can sync up with other LED Xtreme products from Gorilla Whips, include the LED Xtreme Whips and LED Xtreme Rock Light Kits. 

And of course, each LED Xtreme Glow Kit is backed by the Gorilla Whips money back guarantee.

There's not another LED lighting system out there that can match the brightness, the color options, and the overall strength and durability of the Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme products... guaranteed! IDEAL for RZRs, Dune Buggys, Sand Rails, SXS, and everything in-between. Stronger. Brighter. Better... Guaranteed!

LED Xtreme Glow Kit (Small) Includes:

  • 4" LED strips (quantity 4)
  • 6" LED strips (quantity 4)
  • 8" LED strips (quantity 2)
  • 12" LED strips (quantity 2)
  • Optional: Wireless Remote Controller (syncable with other Gorilla Whips products)
  • Optional: Bluetooth Music Controller
  • Wire connectors (built to last)
  • Bundle of 6" black zip ties
  • Installation instructions
  • Remote control use instructions

NOTE: The LED Xtreme Glow Kit runs off of a standard 12v battery which is not provided.

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