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led lighted whips for Offroad UTV RZR Jeep

LED whips for RZR UTV Offroad Jeep Boat IndustialThe Gorilla Whips LED Whips products are unlike anything else on the market. Each LED lighted whip features a Lifetime Warranty, excellent durability for off-road use, and the brightest color changing LEDs available. Gorilla Whips currently offers 3 styles of whips: 

Twisted Silver LED Whips   -   Silver Xtreme LED Whips   -   Xtreme LED Whips

The Twisted Silver and Silver Xtreme LED Whips come with a wireless remote, or optional Bluetooth music controller, use the brightest addressable LEDs, and offer 300 pre-programmed color modes; including color chasing, color build up, strobe, crazy mode, and more. The Twisted Silver use the same addressable LEDs, but in tightly twisted strips, which allow for the most LEDs, and the brightest LED whips on the market, guaranteed.

The LED Whip Xtreme comes with a mounted remote, wireless remote, or Bluetooth music controller; and features amazing durability, 20 solid color options, and are synchronizable with the Xtreme Rock Lights and Glow Kits. Our LED Whips are perfect for off-road use on UTV, ATV, RZR, Dune Buggy, Sand Rails, Jeeps, Boats, industrial, and everything-between.

All LED whips come with a quick release mount and a free Gorilla Whips 12"x18" flag. Also, check out our new HD Springs, which are recommended with extreme riding.  

Stronger. Brighter. Better... Guaranteed!

Lifetime Warranty - Discount When Ordering LED Whips In Pairs!

New Products: Bluetooth Music Controller for 

Twisted Silver & Silver Xtreme LED Whips - HD LED Whip Springs.

NEW 2020 Taking Pre-Orders - Silver Xtreme LED Rock Lights that sync with Twisted Silver & Silver Xtreme LED Whips. 

- Sale On Gen 1 Twisted & Silver Xtreme LED Whips -

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