LED Whips Comparison

 Gorilla Whips LED Whip StylesXtreme LED WhipsSilver Xtreme LED WhipsTwisted Silver /Twisted Silver MAX LED Whips
RGB (changes color)
Flash, Strobe, Blink
Color Chasing
300 Color Modes 
Syncs to Rock Lights (Xtreme Rock Lights)
 (Silver Xtreme Rock Lights) (Silver Xtreme Rock Lights)
Syncs to Glow Kits (Xtreme Glow Kits) (Silver Xtreme Glow Kits) (Silver Xtreme Glow Kits)
Wireless Remote (optional) (optional) (optional)
Bluetooth Music Controller (optional) (optional) (optional)
Can Run Large 2x3 & 3x5 Flags

Quick Release & Flag Included  
Most LEDs (2x Brighter)  
Lifetime Warranty

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****Shipping To US, Canada or Mexico****