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The Elite HD LED Whip is Gorilla Whips newest, and the world's strongest, most advanced, and brightest LED whip available for off-road vehicles. It is constructed using a ultra-strong resin epoxy tube and reinforced metal base, making it capable of supporting large flags without breaking. The Elite HD LED Whip uses the best, and most LEDs possible, which is why it's the brightest LED whip in the world. It can do unlimited solid colors, or or enjoy hundreds of wild, color chasing preset modes. Choose from three controller types; either wireless remote, Bluetooth music, or Gorilla Whips new Alpha controller, which is Bluetooth music AND wireless remote, and also integrates with your street legal kit's turn signals and brake light. The Elite HD LED Whip is the world best LED whips, and no others can match the brightness, control and durability of the Gorilla Whips Elite HD LED Whip... guaranteed!  Great for UTV, ATV, RZR, Dune Buggy, Sand Rails, Jeeps, Boats, Industrial and everything in-between. Stronger. Brighter. Better... Guaranteed!

Package includes:

  • LED Whip Elite HD
  • 40" quick release wire harness
  • 2 quick connect wire splicers
  • NEW Pressure Release Mounts - 2 for Pair.
  • Optional Day Whip (see below)
  • Option of Wireless Remote, Bluetooth Music Controller, or Gorilla Whips NEW Alpha Controller
  • Can support 2'x3' Flags
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Defect Warranty
  • 50% Off Customer Caused Break Coverage - New Whip Replacement

Learn more about flag care, and what you can expect from flags on UTVs. 

Elite HD LED Whips Controller Options

1. The Elite HD LED Whips comes with a wireless remote controller unless an optional controller is chosen. 

2. Bluetooth music controller is available as an optional add-on. This is a great controller with ability for hundreds of preset modes, and allows music to control your lighting. 

3. Our NEW 2021 Alpha Controller is a Bluetooth music and wireless remote controller combined, that can also integrate with your street legal kit's blinkers and brake lights. The Alpha Controller comes with an easy to install plug and play wiring harness to make installation a breeze.

Elite HD Mounting

Includes our NEW premium pressure release LED whip mount. Just press down and turn to disconnect your whip from your vehicle. See product images  for reference. 

Day Whip Option (See Video Below)

Gorilla Whips NEW Day Whip works with our pressure release mounts and allows you to easily remove your LED whips, and replace with a black heavy duty 1/2" fiberglass whip in either 4 ft or 6 ft lengths, which you can run large flags on during the day. If you want flags to use solely with your day whips (so you don't have to take them off your LED whips), just add some of these replacement flags to your order.  

LED Rock Lights & Glow Kit Add-On

Order the Silver Xtreme LED Rock Lights and/or Glow Kit with your Silver Series LED Whips & Save 15% on your Rock Lights and/or Glow Kit!! The fully compatible LED Rock Light Silver Xtreme is a 2nd generation Xtreme Rock Light, but with individually addressable LEDs that sync with our Twisted Silver and Silver Xtreme LED Whips, and are controlled by either wireless or Bluetooth. These LED Rock Lights are waterproof, extremely durable, and come with a lifetime warranty. Available in 4 or 8 pod kits. Each kit comes with a power/data amplifier, so you can add on more lights later.  Available for order now!

LED Whip, Rock Lights, Glow Kit Color Options: Multi, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, White, Purple.

Modes: Color Chasing, Build-up, Strobe, Crazy Mode, And Many More. 

Material: LED strip Twisted around composite tube. Strongest!!

VoltsAmpsWattsApprox. LEDsLength

LED Whips
RGB (Changes Color) Color Changing LED Whip
Flash, Strobe, Blink Flash, Strobe, Blink Pre-programmed Modes.
Color Chasing Pre-programmed Color Chasing And Color Buildup Modes.
300 Color Modes 300 Pre-programmed Color Changing, Chasing And Buildup Modes.
Wireless Remote Wireless Remote Control Comes With Every Twisted Silver LED Whip. Advanced controllers are optional.
Quick Release Quick Release Mount And Pin Included.
Most LEDs (Twisted - 4x Brighter) Tightly Twisted LEDs Strips Are Crazy Bright - More LEDs Than Any Other Whip
Gorilla Whips Lifetime Guarantee Lifetime Manufacturer Defect Warranty & 50% Off User Error Break Brand New Whip Replacement.
Heavy Duty LED Whip Spring Recommended Heavy Duty LED Whip Springs Release Pressure At The Mount And Allow A Controlled Sway Of The LED Whips.

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