Twisted Silver LED Whips

twisted silver LED lighted whips

The Gorilla Whips LED Whip Twisted Silver is Gorilla Whips newest LED whip. These LED Whips have between 235 - 520 LEDs, depending on the length, and are 2x brighter than any other LED whip on the market. The Twisted Silver LED Whips come with a Lifetime Warranty, and are color changing, color chasing, color buildup, and strobe, all with a simple push of a button on a wireless remote or Bluetooth music controller. Light up the night sky with your choice of over 300 modes, 5 brightness settings, speed adjustment controls. These LED whips really are amazing! There's not another LED whip out there that can match the brightness, color options, and durability of the Gorilla Whips Twisted Silver... guaranteed! Great for RZRs, UTVs, ATV, Dune Buggy, Sand Rails, Jeeps and everything in-between.

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Lifetime Warranty & Discount When Ordering LED Whips In Pairs!

New Products: Bluetooth Music Controller for 

Twisted Silver & Silver Xtreme LED Whips - HD LED Whip Springs.

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