As of Jan 2019, Gorilla Whips is under new ownership. Our new owners are committed to delivering the ultimate customer experience, and superior products to every customer. In fact, our new owners are so committed that we've reintroduced a new version of the Gorilla Whips Guarantee. The Gorilla Whips Guarantee now cements our commitment to stand behind our products, and for our customers, through providing every customer with a lifetime warranty on every product, and 50% off brand new LED whips replacement on customer caused breaks. Customers can rest easy when purchasing from Gorilla Whips, because we'll be here to support them; and for as long as they use our products.

As a team, we’re also committed to innovation. Which is why we've been working long hours to deliver a new generation of products. These products have already, and will continue to be released throughout 2019, and are detailed below:

New Product News:
NOTE: We've taking great steps to ensure that all new products, and generation of products, work interchangeably with existing products, mounts and connectors.
1. The Twisted Silver LED Whips are Gorilla Whips newest and premier LED whips. They use the brightest LEDs available, and feature the most LEDs over any other whip on the market. They come pre-programmed with over 300 modes and color option, including color chasing, build-up, strobe, and more. They are amazing LED whips and have been hugely popular. Beginning August 1st 2019, Gorilla Whips 2nd generation of Twisted Silver LED Whips will be available on our website, and through our Authorized Dealers. The 2nd generation upgrades include a thicker (inside, not diameter) and reinforced polycarbonate tube, upgraded chips, perfectly twisted twists, and wiring method improvements. Upon release of the 2nd generation Twisted Silver LED Whips, the remaining 1st generation inventory will go on sale at discounted prices. Later this year we'll be releasing a HUGE add-on to these whips, so stay tuned!
2. The Gorilla Whips Xtreme LED Whips are one of the first, and best, LED whips on the market; and they’re still in high demand. This is why we’ve recently taken steps to improve this product, so it can earn its' place in the future with Gorilla Whips. Generation 2 Xtreme LED Whips will soon be available on our website, and through our Authorized Dealers. The 2nd generation improvements include lay flat LED strips (instead of wavy in the channel), brighter LEDs, and upgraded seal tight connectors. The Xtreme LED Whip will continue to have the option of mounted, wireless and Bluetooth controls. Upon becoming available, the 1st generation will be made available at discounted prices.
3. We've recently released our Heavy Duty LED Whip Springs, which are truly a game changer for our LED whips. These HD springs allow for a perfect sway of our 6' whips, while releasing pressure from the bottom of the whips while being used under extreme, high pressure conditions. They're also awesome for trail riding with shorter LED whips because you wont need to worry about hitting a tree and destroying them. The springs will give way, and release the pressure before any damage to the whips. Our Heavy Duty LED Whip Springs became available on our site, and through Authorized Dealers, in May 2019. These springs are now available in black or silver.
4. In September 2019, we released our new Bluetooth music controller for our Twisted Silver and Silver Xtreme LED Whips. The Bluetooth music controller provides easy control through Bluetooth, while also also allowing your whips to dance to the music with it's equalizer functions. Watch the video below as an example.
5. In April 2020, we released our new pressure release LED whip mount as an optional upgrade on your Twisted LED Whips. Just push down and turn, and the LED whips can be taken off for travel or storage. The mount is matte black and is features square knurling for extra grip and aggressive appearance. It's easily one of the easiest and best looking mounts available.

6. Also in April 2020, we released our Silver Xtreme LED Rock Lights and Glow Kits. These rock lights and glow kits use addressable LEDs which allow for increased color control, and can sync with your Twisted Silver and Silver Xtreme LED whips. The Silver Xtreme Rock Lights use 12 LEDs per pod, and come in kits of 4 or 8 pods. We're offering these at a discounted rate add-on, when building your Twisted Silver LED Whips.
More Product News Coming Soon! (This post will be updated as products release)
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